Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Dawg Theory

Have you ever seen a large dog play with a smaller dog?

The large dog lies with its belly on the ground to make itself as small as possible. In this way he shows that he's not a threat and willing to play.

The smaller dog picks up on these signals and responds playfully. The larger dog might even let the smaller one "pin him" and even when he pins the smaller dog he quickly lets him up to play some more.

The larger dog feels no serious threat from the smaller dog so he can afford to be magnanimous and playful.

Nations aren't dogs and the consequences of a threat acted out are much more serious but our MSM does a great job of heightening every single little threat. I suspect collusion with Prozac and Wellbutrin manufacturers. Why just today my MSNBC (no, its not CrooksAndLiars.Com, that wide-eyed Moises site on the disproven fringe libertarian economic theory, or Fox) home page read :

Medium Size Cities Suffering

pasted over a picture, bearing some muted connnection that I cannot grasp, but which which showed a woman and a couple obviously grieving or in some sort of distress.

Just what is my reaction supposed to be? I've become numbed...inured to the constant rat-a-tat-tat on my brain with all these scary things. Even still, for a microsecond, before I catch myself I go bonkers...henny-penny (as in "the sky is falling") as I start to ask myself "do I live in a medium sized city?"

But thankfully, I catch myself, silently saying "Aw fuckit, there I go again." Then I direct my aggravation to where I think it is better deserved.

Today I truly believe very little of what I am told to fear. I notice that fear tactics are so often practiced in place of constructive dialog. MSM jumps on the bandwagon and peddles lack of substance in a glossy wrapper of fear for no better reason than their own profits.

I look at our newfound cooperation in the international arena and wonder why, with all we make of our own supposed greatness, we can't be just a little more like the larger dog.

I concluded that we have become a nation, to some degree, beset by hysteria. As strong as we say we are yet as frightened and racked by waves of fear from each and every little threat that we are no longer effective among nations...unable to lead but very good at infecting others with the same sort of fear that controls us.

Finally, I see all this as a reflection of a leader and the reason I posted in US Politics. We reflect a "little man" complex of deep-seated fears and the resulting anger that is used to justify just about anything...ehtical/moral scales be damned.

We need steadier hands at the helm, and fast. A true leader. We can be strong enough not to be controlled by our own fear. We only need to be shown how.

Will hope arise, will it fight back
Through mindless stupor, Mac Attack?
Find one good man, a fearless leader
Sans riches, ego, vengeance meted

Who's strong enough to turn a cheek
Holding mighty no higher than meek
Relentless in the quest for peace
No cronies, debts, or palms to grease


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