Tuesday, July 04, 2006


I was between jobs once and took a look at MySpace. I actually got a space on MySpace, MyMySpace.

So, I started looking for some cool heads in some group "Peace" somethingorother and everybody that seemed cool was young. That's not to say I don't consider add requests for those in 40-50 range. What ever happened?

Was it Churchill? or Lord Chamberlain?...someone English anyway, that said "if you are under 40 and not a liberal you have no heart and if you are over 40 and not a conservative you have no brain?" Cool is ageless and both Einstein and Ghandi were 15 once.

Back before piercings we thought long hair was unique. A close friend had the first earring on a male (at least that most in that university had seen) ever back in '73. Now that was rad, or so we thought. Shocking, no? Gotta keep doing something new in order to to keep from becoming a cheap knockoff or coarse, unoriginal, copycat. Kids of tomorrow are going to assert their individuality and punish their parents with something like...maybe, no tattoos.

Bill Maher's acute observations come to mind. He observed that tattooing yourself with a letter from one of the Chinese alphabet does not make you spiritual or even deep. Picking your nose is an intensely personal experience but that doesn't make you interesting.

Hawaiian shirts have become the Golfer's Izods of today. I'm giving all mine to GoodWill. Death to Tommy Bahama!

But I was just networking and not scamming so what they hey, maybe they'll be "friends" anyway. MySpace "friends" is sort of a misnomer. Maybe networkee, or virtu-buddy, or make-believe-playmate. In some cases it is merely a listee, a notch in my E-Bedpost, or seldomly-accessed-trophy-on- the-shelf. Is it possible to really have 100's of friends? There are always quality vs. quantity issues for me.

So what's this thing about body parts? Boob shots and booty shots? Not enough context to show how it all fits together and not enough heartfelt verbiage to give an inkling of what's inside or whether there is even a dirty mind, which can be very healthy. There is beauty in the way it all connects, but a nipple shot? That approaches the same sort of captivating allure had by the dissection segment of my human physiology class...blaaahh

Some of the ladies are trolling for men. Some of that man-bait gets a few keepers but it can also get...well, never mind...to each their own. Not tryin' to moralize. Just a non-judgemental observation. I must admit I like some of the half-face images. They sort of draw you in.

I proposed a game which had the potential for being quite quite erotic if approached with the right frame of mind. I went first:

  • Get out your digital camera

  • Take a picture of some part of your body

  • load it into photohop or some other graphics software

  • crop a bit of flesh, say 1/4" x 1/4" (if you really want to push the envelope and fancy yourself a diva, sex god/goddess, or sexual Olympian do 1" x 1")

  • put it on your space

  • free prize to whoever guesses the approximate body location it came from

Here's mine (blown up a little):


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